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If you want to work in data visualization but have hesitated because of lack of technology, lack confidence in the content or design, greater need of a platform to exchange ideas, or need to learn more about data visualization, then we congratulate you!
You're our prospective customer. We are pleased to offer you our t3 main services. These are:

Handsfree general solution for data visualization

Data mining, data cleaning and visualization play an important role in the data analysis process. This normally takes lots of manpower and time consumption. Our main solution, our most important and long-term mission, is to help complete these series of tasks through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies, to reduce time, production costs and to meet market demands.

Customized advanced solution for data visualization

Different from our main solution, here we will be targeting various users, audiences and story themes, in order to personalize data storytelling in the best and and most unique way. This part can be divided into two directions: business visualization and data journalism.

A Platform beyond- for exchanging, sharing and education

We frequently organize a variety of lectures, workshops, conferences and competitions. We invite experts and scholars from all over the world to meet face to face with us, and offer audiences the opportunity of open their mind in exploration. We would like to enhance the market needs and understanding of data visualization, as well as to create a platform from which, all students and professionals can be connected.


No matter if you are from an enterprise or university of media, no matter what your purpose is; enhance the daily report and reduce the cost, make an innovated data journalism story or just get to know about data visualization, you are our prospective customer.


Xinhua News Agency
Tencent News
Jiefang Daily


Ant Financial Services Group


Tsinghua University
Beijing University
US-China Education Trust

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