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As a relatively new industry, data visualization has received a large amount of attention. China's data visualization and data journalism industry is still in the budding stage. We are committed to providing a new platform, by offering a variety of lectures, training, meetings, games and other forms of competition where people can come together to exchange ideas and bring up new vitality and endless possibilites.
Due to the particularity of visualization, what is needed is not just single expert from one field but an opportunity to form a new opportunity of collision - programmers from Alibaba, professors from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and journalists from Reuters all coming together for one project. What kind of collision and surprise will they come up with?
—— An unprecedented new experience. This is also the experience that we want to bring to every participant.


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Beauty of Data
2017 Shenzhen MeetUp

Location | Shenzhen

Bringing domestic and international 6 data visualization experts together, join us to explore the beauty of data visualization. Through the reading and analysis of classic cases, we investigate the story behind these. From technology to thinking, they'll lead us to thoroughly understand how the media and businesses produce data works and discuss the infinite possibilities of future visualization.
Education of Data Journalism Workshop
Location | Shenzhen

Data journalism is one of the fastest growing directions in the field of news education, including a range of data mining and presentation skills. The course is designed for people from various backgrounds, educators and students from journalism, computer science, design, and other professional faculty are welcome.
This workshop is tailored for university data journalists. Domestic and foreign experts will teach data theory, data collection, data analysis and data visualization tools to guide the use of data journalism teaching and practice. The workshop is devoted to be a combination of theory and practice.
Education of Data Journalism Workshop
Location | Beijing

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