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Our team members have a rich and varied background, including a journalist from Reuters, a visual arts expert from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and a computer engineer from Alibaba's. Our team proudly ensures that the four main contents of data visualization - data, technology, art and content are thoroughly embedded in our projects and services.
Also, our team is a mix of experience and new ideas: from a member with over twenty years of experience to a recent graduate from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. In the process of mutual-learning and collision, we generate unlimited power and possibilities.

Zhimin Huang

CEO of Data Works, known as "The First Person in Chinese Data Journalism", was the former CTO of Caixin Media and founder of Caixin Visualization Lab. He has won 10 international awards and 2 national ones in the area of data journalism, including SOPA awards and the nomination of the best website in data journalism.

Representative Works:
《Networking of Yongkang Zhou》
《China's Property Market Report - A Decade of Ups and Downs》
《2013 Qingdao oil pipeline explosion》
《Star Map of Nobel Prize》
《Sangong Expenditure by Units under Central Government》

Hao Chen

Co-founder of Data Works, is a professional lecturer of visual communication at Nanjing University of Arts, School of Design. His project was recognized by the China Academy of Arts.
Under his direction, his students have won many national awards as well as international ones, including the first, second and third place of the 2014 Information Design Competition of China Academy of Arts, three from a total of 6 awards given at the 2016 The Second Data Journalism Competition of Universities and the silver price of 2016 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, as the first prize winner from Mainland China.

Representative Works:
《Zhu Shi》


Our Goal:Gather the finest young people, make the most outstanding team, produce the most excellent works. Create impact to others, create wealth for ourselves.
We also invite you to join us. Here, you are responsible for displaying your talent, and we help solving your worries.


Please feel free to contact us through any of these ways for any questions, conseling and coorperation opportunity.

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Address | 36 West Haidian road, Haidian district 201-208, Beijing, China 10080